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Scale Off

Low foaming Acidic Cleaner – Water System Descaler

Used for all acid-cleaning processes in livestock and poultry industries.

General Properties

Scale Off is a highly concentrated acidic cleaner and descaler based on phosphoric acid, combined with low foaming surfactant system. It is recommended for cleaning, descaling and maintaining watering systems in livestock and poultry houses. Scale off is equally effective in other acid cleaning operations e.g.  removing mineral deposits from milk utensils, hatcheries and slaughterhouse equipment; and maintenance of cooling pads.

Contains: 12 % phosphoric acid, 2 % nitric acid and 2 % low foaming non-ionic surfactants.

Scale Off

  • Removes limescale from drinking systems
  • Controls biofilm and reduces bacterial load.
  • Maximises water added treatments.
  • Removes rust.
  • Low foam formula for easy rinsing

Instructions for Use:

  • Descaling of watering systems:

Fill the watering system with 10 % solution of Scale Off, leave for at least 6 hours and then flush out tanks and pipes to waste. Flush the entire watering system with clean water after descaling.

  • Cleaning equipment in hatcheries, slaughterhouses and dairies:

Use 5 % solution by soaking or low-pressure spraying, leave to soak for 20 minutes then rinse with water under high pressure.

  • Cleaning of cooling pads:

Spray 5 % solution on wet cooling pads, leave for ½ hour and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.