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Pro Shield P

Broad spectrum foaming disinfectant

Thorough disinfection of animal and poultry facilities, hatcheries and hatching eggs.

General properties:

Pro Shield P Synergistic and optimised blend of glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds with characteristic foaming properties. Its activity against wide range of viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma and fungi along with non-corrosive nature, make it an ideal choice in modern biosecurity programs.  Pro Shield P can be safely used for hatching egg sanitation after egg collection or at the hatchery.

Contains: 14% glutaraldehyde, 2.5% alkyl (C14 50%, C12 40%, C16 10%) dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride. Excipient containing: Isopropanol and pH stabilisers.

Pro Shield P

  • Formaldehyde free.
  • Effective in the presence of organic matter.
  • Non-corrosive and effective on a wide variety of construction materials.
  • Excellent hatching egg sanitizer.

Instructions for Use:

Terminal disinfection:  1 %

Add 1 liter of Pro Shield P to 100 liters of water, spray under low pressure, or preferably use a foaming lance. Use 300 ml of the diluted solution per square meter of the treated surface.

Equipment, Wheel and foot dips: 1 %

Vehicle spraying: 0.5 %

Thermofogging: 2 liters of Pro Shield P per 1000 m3.

Hatching egg sanitation: 0.5 %

Arrange the eggs with the broad end upward, preferably in plastic trays, using a suitable spray set start spraying carefully to cover entire egg surface.