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Extra Solve

Multipurpose Alkaline cleaner and prewash

Efficient cleaning of hard surfaces and equipment in Slaughter houses, Hatcheries and Food Processing Plants

General Properties

Powerful alkaline cleaner and degreaser with sanitizing properties. Its moderate foaming properties ensures easy rinsing after cleaning and prewash operations in hatcheries, slaughter houses and food processing plants. Extra Solve can be safely applied to all metal surfaces and processing equipment and works in hard water under ordinary

Contains: 3 % non-ionic surfactants, 3 % cationic surfactants and 5% sodium metasilicate. Excipient containing chelating and sequestering agents.

Extra Solve

  • Powerful alkaline cleaner.
  • Easy rinsing
  • Heavy duty degreaser.
  • Biodegradable.

Instructions for Use:

For spraying: 1 %

Add 1 litre of Extra Solve to 100 litres of water, thoroughly spray soiled surfaces and equipment under low pressure, leave to soak for 20 minutes, then rinse all surfaces with clean water under high pressure.