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Blast Nil

Multipurpose Cleaner and Sanitizer

Controls Red Mites

For cleaning, prewashing and red mite control in poultry houses

General Properties

Blast Nil is an advanced surfactant (non-ionic and amphoteric) system combined with the highly penetrating fifth generation quaternary ammonium compounds. Active amines are carefully included to maximize the bactericidal and fungicidal properties of the product. Blast Nil powerful penetrative action not only removes dirt and grease but also dissolves the waxy protective coating of red fowl mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) causing dehydration and death.

Contains: 2% non-ionic surfactants, 2 % blend of cationic surfactants, 1 % amphoteric surfactants. Excipient containing: alkaline builders, active amines and solubilizing agents.

Blast Nil

  • Efficient alkaline cleaner and sanitizer
  • Removes dirt and organic matter deposits
  • Kills red mite through its powerful chitinolytic action
  • Safe to use in the presence of animals and birds

Instructions for Use:

  • For cleaning and sanitizing animal houses and equipment: 5 %

Add 5 litres to 100 litres of water, spray under low pressure, leave to soak for 20 minutes, then rinse all surfaces with clean water under high pressure.

  • For red fowl mite control: 10 %

Spray using knapsack sprayer on mite aggregations on cages, nest boxes, feed troughs, transportation belts, crevices and other critical areas where the mites clump together. Repeat the application no more than 7 days after the first application.